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Fraud Prevention

Unfortunately fraud is an all too common occurrence in today's world. The National Fraud Authority estimated fraud costs the UK over £73billion a year. Fraud can occur in any organisation, large or small, and can have a detrimental effect - often resulting in low staff moral, a decline in profitability, reputational damage and in some instances the closure of businesses.

At Shreeve Hallam Jones we have experienced fraud practitioners who created and managed the fraud investigation department on the world's largest insurance litigation scheme worth over £8billion.

Any business is susceptible to fraud and your systems and procedures need to be robust enough to identify and prevent the ever evolving threats.


We use a fraud risk analysis framework to help identify your organisation's key system and procedures. Using the outcome of this framework we can identify and mitigate any weaknesses susceptible to fraud.


Once we have identified the organisations weaknesses, we will work with the company to integrate Key Fraud Indicators (KFIs) into the systems and procedures. These KFIs will act as alarm bells in the event the company is subject to any fraudulent acts.

We will assist the company in creating or updating its policy on fraud prevention, detection and investigation.